Our Technology

Based on state-of-the-art deep learning, machine learning and computer vision algorithms
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The Revolution of the DMS World:

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) have been chosen as the solution to prevent road accidents (standard safety feature)

Expanding DMS requirements creates a technological challenge which is a substantial barrier to entry

World regulations mandate DMS installations

Changes in OEM requirements is creating a new competitive roadmap

Jungo is leading innovator in in-cabin sensing AI software
A life-saving accident prevention system, provides fleets with real time alerts on risky driver behavior and road events.

The Complete & Superior Solution:

  • Built as a single software product
  • Monitoring position in mirror
  • Comprehensive solution – distraction, drowsiness, left-behind children, passenger count, seatbelts …
  • Software solution – compatible with all types of hardware (including cameras)
  • High quality and accuracy
  • Based on AI and Deep-Learning
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