PCI/PCIe/USB Device Driver Development Toolkit
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A life-saving accident prevention system - AI Video Telematics Solution


VuDrive is an AI accident prevention system for monitoring the driver’s behavior and the road, providing real-time alerts about the driver’s risky behavior that could lead to an accident.

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Based on AI, Deep Learning & Data


Built as a single software product, to solve complex problems


High quality and accuracy


Compatible with all types of hardware (including cameras)


Distraction, drowsiness, left-behind children, passenger count, seatbelts and more..


Based on state-of-the-art deep learning, machine learning and computer vision algorithms

VuDrive is a complete aftermarket AI accident prevention solution for fleets and insurance companies. This dual-camera system assesses driver behavior, identifies risk and alerts in cases of drowsiness, distraction, detecting seatbelt wearing and mobile phone usage. Its cloud platform offers fleet managers & insurers access to safety data, driver alerts, cabin & road video, as well as driver scoring for improved safety management, training, and risk prevention. In the event of a road accident, VuDrive provides crucial exoneration data.

VuDrive enhances road safety, minimizes downtime, cuts insurance costs, and safeguards lives.

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About Jungo

Jungo is a leader in in-cabin sensing solutions. Our flagship product VuDrive, is an AI-powered driver monitoring system designed specifically for commercial fleets.
Jungo's technology goes beyond VuDrive, offering additional solutions and continuously innovating to meet evolving customer needs in the driver monitoring and safety space.
Additional products from Jungo include WinDriver, an award-winning PC driver development toolkit.
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One of the leading companies in the DMS industry with an established network with leading players in the automotive world

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